Choosing a Restaurant School

Choosing a Restaurant School

The restaurant industry is booming and opportunities abound. Degrees in culinary arts, restaurant management, and hospitality services are hot tickets, and there are lots of schools from which to choose. Ask schools more about the following:

The location of a school can be important, not only for housing purposes, but also for career reasons. A school's industry contacts, internship placement, and career placement success largely depend upon the resources available in the local community. If a budding chef has his heart set upon a particular restaurant, it is absolutely beneficial to attend school nearby.

Beyond location and career services, a school's curriculum should serve as a significant decision-making factor. Many schools offer a wide variety of courses; if one is interested in a particular specialization, courses in that area are important.

Another vital aspect of a school is the facility itself. Modern kitchen facilities with state-of-the-art equipment are critical for students to fully benefit from hands-on instruction and to master technique.

Lastly, accreditation, financial aid options, student/faculty ratio, and staff qualifications are all items that should be considered when comparing schools.

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